Sportech Racing // Digital

Sportech Racing // Digital, a division of Sportech PLC, is a diverse company with a long tradition of serving the global racing and pari-mutuel betting industries, and with a global footprint that includes customers in 30 countries.

The cornerstone of our technology, Quantum™ System, is designed to facilitate mission-critical, high-volume financial transaction processing, and our network of Quantum Data Centers in the U.S. and Europe provide customers from around the world with reliable operations. As a co-founder of the ITSP protocol, Sportech uses our Quantum™ System technology and Quantum Data Center network to enable the expansion of global commingling for wagering partners around the world.

Sportech Racing // Digital is also the largest, most experienced business-to-business account wagering technology and services supplier in the industry, delivering custom digital wagering solutions to 25 clients. We can accommodate customers that wish to be licensed in a single jurisdiction, or can provide services through our Oregon license.

Featured at the Pan American conference this year are cutting edge products and services from Sportech Racing // Digital that help our customers leverage the technologies of account wagering, online wagering, and mobile wagering to vastly improve the consumer experience.

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