UTTA (Unión de Trabajadores del Turf y Afines)

The Union de Trabajadores del Turf y Afines (UTTA) is a labor union which gathers the horse racing industry workers from all Argentinian states. UTTA seeks to promote employment creation in the horse industry by improving competitiveness and enhancing labour specialization through new training opportunities. The union leader, Carlos Felice, strongly believes that supporting the industry is the best way to protect jobs and workers interests.

Since its foundation, the organization has made big efforts to promote equestrian sports in general, although horse racing has always been its principal activity.

During the last few years UTTA has developed different strategies to reverse the economic crisis suffered by many racecourses in the states along the country, leading a national initiative called “Open racecourses”.

In this context, UTTA reopened Las Flores racecourse on May 2012, recovering dozens of jobs positions and activating the horse racing industry in Santa Fe city and the nearby region. The Hipódromo Las Flores had been closed for more than ten years after a huge flooding caused serious material losses and unemployment, but today has regained old glory under UTTA management.

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