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Maroņas Entertainment, a cutting-edge racetrack with a glorious past. The Maroņas Racetrack was built in the nineteenth century, and developed into one of the most important equestrian centers in the region. After several significant changes, designed with the comforts and technologies of the twenty-first century, Maroņas Racetrack has become one of the truly modern racetracks in the world.

What is Maroņas Entertainment?

  • International Events

    The Maroņas Racetrack has 40 GROUP races; a category that brings together the best horses in the region in thrilling and exciting confrontations.
  • Night Races

    Thanks to a state-of-the-art lighting network, you can enjoy the frenzy and excitement of the races at both day and night
  • State-Of-The-Art Technology

    The Maroņas Racetrack has an electronic totalizator system, a digital quality television closed circuit central, electronic Photo Finish and computerized teletimer system that provides partial and total times. In addition, we have a first-class security system that protects all the facilities.
  • "El Ramirez"

    When it comes to high profile equestrian events, you cannot miss one of our favorites, the now traditional Gran Premio Ramírez (G1) held every January 6th dating back to 1889.
  • International Races

    The Maroņas Racetrack offers the best racing from around the world. The racetrack is a terrific venue to enjoy the most important races in the world such as the Dubai World Cup.
  • Event Center

    The splendid architecture, comfort and wide range of services of the racetrack makes it a unique place for events, with a capacity of up to 850 people. There is also the possibility of an exclusive race for our guests, and private boxes available to enjoy these races.

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