AmTote International

In the fall of 1927 an angry crowd left a small Maryland race track, disgruntled by the day's events. Among the group was a young engineer named Harry Straus. Like others, he'd bet on a long shot with posted odds of 12 -1. Although the horse won, the payoff was only 4 to 1. Straus knew he must do something to restore honor to the Sport of Kings.

Six years later, Straus and a band of engineers had formed American Totalisator Company (AmTote) and installed the first electro-mechanical totalisator system in the United States. That first Tote at Arlington Park brought speed, accuracy and credibility to the racing industry. Public confidence soared and the stage was set for more than three-quarters of a century of AmTote performance and innovation.

From its Hunt Valley, Maryland, headquarters decades later, AmTote is now the leading North American tote provider and has a globally diverse portfolio of tracks and betting system customers. AmTote’s Spectrum® system continues to evolve into broader and more diverse service capabilities, higher transaction speeds, and innovative OTB solutions. AmTote processes more than US $8 Billion in parimutuel handle annually and more than US$3 Billion per year in Sports wagering. New technologies including Historical Horse Racing, Post Time Poker, and new sports and social games are being actively developed for new markets around the world.

AmTote International is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Stronach Group.

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