Dr Mayra Frederico,
Jockey Club Brasileiro

Dr. Mayra Frederico graduated as a veterinarian in 2001 and completed an internship at the veterinary hospital at Jockey Club Brasileiro. She also is a graduate of the prestigious Darley Flying Start program, experiencing the racing industry in many areas of the world including England, Ireland, the United States, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates.

After her time with Darley Flying Start, Dr. Frederico returned to Brazil and spent time as the administrative manager of racing and breeding of the world-renowned farm, Stud TNT.

Dr. Frederico is currently the manager of racing at Jockey Club Brasileiro, and is primarily responsible for the racing office, veterinary department, apprentice school for jockeys and other racing specific areas such as the starting gate, weighing room, photo finish, and anti-doping control. Dr. Frederico is a member of the OSAF veterinarian technical committee.

She is currently completing her MBA at Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV).