Juan-Carlos Capelli, VP of Longines
and Head of International Marketing

Born in Switzerland in an Italian-Spanish family, Juan-Carlos Capelli grew up in a multicultural environment which developed his curiosity for other countries and cultures. He spent his childhood in Tramelan in the “Jura Bernois”, a region almost entirely devoted to the watchmaking industry. After an apprenticeship in Tramelan, Juan-Carlos Capelli started his career at the Compagnie des Montres Longines Francillon SA in Saint-Imier (a few kilometres away from his home town) in 1990, in the Communication department. During his many years with Longines, Juan-Carlos Capelli has explored almost all the areas of Marketing, from events to advertising. In 2000, he graduated as Federally Certified Marketing Specialist. He became a member of the Enlarged Direction of Longines in 2002, and, the same year, was appointed as Advertising Manager. In 2007, further to his long and successful career in communication, Juan-Carlos became Longines’ Head of International Marketing and Member of the Longines Management board. Finally, he has been appointed Vice President in 2010.

Married (he met his wife at Longines), father of three boys, Juan-Carlos devotes his free time to his family and his passion for classical music, jogging and literature.